Workshop: Successful Writing for International Publications
Faculty: Professor Jos M. Latour
Duration of the workshop: 6 hours (12.00-18.00)
Course Fee: 500 TL
Maximum participants: 20 participants

Aim: The workshops will provide the participants with an understanding of the writing process in publishing articles in an international peer-reviewed journal.
The workshops will cover the process from initial idea, writing a first draft manuscript to submission and acceptance of the manuscript. Also, details on how to increase the impact and dissemination of your papers will be covered.

The workshop will include theory and lectures. But the workshop will mainly focus on hands-on writing your manuscript and you will be supported by your peers and Prof Latour. Please feel free to bring your own work to use in the practical sessions.

Learning objectives:

1. To learn how to write a research paper
• Finding a suitable journal
• Structuring an Introduction section
• Write the method section
• Presenting your data
• Issues to address in a Discussion section?

2. To acquire skills for submitting a paper to a peer-reviewed journal
• Writing a good abstract
• Choosing good keywords
• Writing bullet point findings
• Writing a persuasive letter to an editor
• Responding to reviewer comments

3. To learn ways of making an impact to increase your Altmetrics
• Describe your study in 4 powerpoint slides
• Write a lay summary
• Write a press release
• Design an infographic
• Tweet your findings or other social media


Come along with your ideas or results of a study and the hands-on training provides you with a foundation of what and how to publish. We offer help on how you can start your writing journey towards a successful article.

Requirements For Participation In The Course: This course will be conducted interactively with Professor Latour. For this reason, it is planned to work with those who have passed the doctoral proficiency exam and who are who are fluent in English.

Duration of the workshop: 9 hours (09.00-18.00)
Course Fee: 300 TL

Different Education Models in Education of Diabetic Children
Course Chairs: Zehra Doğan, Bumin Nuri Dündar

12.00-12.15 Opening Speech Bumin Nuri Dündar
12.15-12.45 Difficulties in Diabetes Education Nesrin Şen Celasin
12.45-13.30 The Effect of Interactive Approaches on Education of Diabetic Children and Their Families Belgin Bektaş
13.30-14.00 Motivational Interview Zehra Doğan
14.00-14.15 Coffee Break  
14.15-14.45 Peer Education Eda Aktaş
14.45-15.15 Web Based Training Dijle Ayar
15.15-16.00 Diabetes Coaching Hatice Bilgili
16.00-16.15 Coffee Break  
16.15-16.45 Diabetes Camps Çağrı Çövener Özçelik
16.45-17.30 Education of Immigrant Children Perihan Yetim
17.30-18.00 Closing and Questions  

Duration of the workshop: 6 hours (12.00-18.00)
Course Fee: 300 TL